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Since 2013, Daughter Are Blessings Foundation has been helping women carve a positive self-image, ensuring that they have equal participation in decision making, whether it’s in the family or at the community level and increase their confidence level.

How Everything Started

Her father, being very proud of her said “Daughters are blessings”, Ms. Ginee started thinking that how she can help less fortunate girls to achieve their dreams. Thus her journey begins into creating a foundation for Angels who broke their wings. Together, let’s empower women and girls to move out of discrimination, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership.


Discrimination against girls in society has been going on since ages now. Even today, there are several sections where the girl child is treated as a burden.

When we come across people who had no confidence in their girls, we try to touch an emotional cord of people they respond to and educate to believe in their girl child.

The role of education is extremely important here and goes a long way in empowering women. The process of education has to begin early in life. The mindset that a girl is a liability needs to be changed and this requires happening at the grass root level.

“Daughters Are Blessings” foundation is on the path to change the mindset of girl child by educating them, help children find the right direction and pursue a life in positive ways.


Hastaksharr Self Made Diva Award

Ginee Wadhawan awarded as “Swabhimaan Award” by Hastaksharr, a business forum for Self Made Divas (Entrepreneurs).

The work of “Daughters are Blessings” foundation influenced the founder of Hastaksharr so much.


Very Active Community

560k followers on facebook! Yes, that’s how much people love us.


Very Active Community

560k followers on facebook! Yes, that’s how much people love us.


Social Work

1. Blessed to be associated with NGO’s and have visited nearby villagers and motivated women of all age.

2. Tie up with companies who have given work to women from home and there work has been showcased in various colleges, exhibitions and also given as corporate gifts.

3. Have been a panelist to various women empowerment programmes.

People love to let their heart out and express love for there Daughters and encourage them

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Many factors can make the education of girl child very difficult. But thanks to your donations and contribution we can help many angels get the best possible education, freedom possibilities. We believe that investing in a young girl child is the key to lasting peace and a better future for everyone.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of our foundation. Be a part of something AMAZING.


Help us know their needs so we can join hands with people who are interested and work towards it.


To bring the gift of education to girls, we require the continuous support of academic institutions & NGO’s.

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