Asma Kapadia – My Story

Asma Kapadia – My Story

A little background about yourself:

I am Mrs Asma Kapadia, A Women entrepreneur, a Social activist and Influencer and also a fitness enthusiast. I have my Chocolates business by the brand name of “Chocolisious Assorted Chocolates”.

The reason/idea of choosing this profession is that it always brings a smile on everyone’s face because chocolates do make everyone happy be it Children or Adults. That is why the tag line of my brand is” Happiness in every bite”.

Secondly being a Social activist, I am also associated with a few local NGO’s and try to help the less fortunate people in my own little way by giving them some help and happiness and easing away their pain. Struggle in your profession: I started my Chocolates business six Years back from home.

In the beginning, I was a little skeptical of starting off on my own because then all the success and failures of this business would only be my responsibility but then I always wanted to give it a try. In the beginning, I got orders only from a few friends and also people from my locality who put their trust in me but little by little my brand began to grow. I even took up stalls at exhibitions and put in a lot of hard work which definitely paid off.
I started getting orders and appreciation for my work.

But it has not been an easy journey though. I have had my share of down times also where there used to be no orders for weeks altogether. Some times I used to feel so exhausted and helpless but I didn’t want to give up. I always had faith in God and also the love and positive feed back of my customers boosted my morale. My hardwork has helped me to overcome all obstacles and make a place for myself in this Business.

Profession where you stand now and your future goals :

Now after more than six years of being in this business, I am so happy and satisfied with how things are going on in my life and I love being a Women entrepreneur and a Social activist. My future goals are to make my brand a big one, to have good reputation in the market, and to spread love, positivity and happiness around. I love living life positively and so I believe that ” Where there is Will , there is a Way” .

I want to reach greater heights because for me the Sky’s the limit. Being a Women you have to handle a lot of things.

How you maintain work/ life balance:

Whenever I would meet Women Entrepreneurs who were successful in their respective fields, I would also have the desire to make it big one day but being A full time Mom, shouldering all home and kids responsibilities I wanted to do something which I could do from home only. Being a foodie and having sweet tooth I got the idea of starting Chocolates business so that I did not have to go outside and work and so I tried to balance my work and home both. This Way my home responsibilities and business both did not suffer and I got the opportunity to stand on my own feet. What started off as a small plate of chocolates thus became my

Where do you see your brain child in next 2-3 years:

In my Profession I believe we should always upgrade our skills and go On working dedicatedly. In the next 2- 3 years I would definitely like to have maximum number of clients and carve a niche for myself in my business. I continue multi tasking and playing all roles efficiently and thus contribute to my financial self to build my
Self esteem.

About your achievements or Success story:

I have been awarded with 20 National and state level awards for my social work n for my business.

  1. I have been awarded with the Top ten women entrepreneur award
    2018 at Islam Gymkhana
  2. I have also received the GB ENTREPRENEUR AWARD for women
    entrepreneur and social activist.
  3. My story has been published in Inspiring We magazine Mann Ki baat.
  4. Awarded the 51 most influential women In India award by Naari
    Shakti ko pranaam at Vadodara.
  5. Awarded the INDIA PRIDE AWARDS by the anti corruption
    foundation at KARNAL.
  6. Awarded the INDIA Shining STAR Awards by the YOUTH
    INDIA development board.
  8. Awarded the International PROGRESSIVE WOMEN’S AWARD at the
    Aesthetics 3rd International Leadership Summit.
  9. Awarded the Hind GAURAV award by the global institute of alternate
  10. Awarded the Rastra Ratan award by the PURWAR’S ACHIEVERS
    Social activist.
  12. Awarded the INDIA STAR REPUBLIC AWARD 2020.
  13. Awarded the Versatile Women’s AWARD by CVMD .
  15. Awarded with the Prabhat Gaurav Samman by the Sindhu
    Prabhat News and CBG Edu International.
  16. Awarded with the MEGA Cosmos Gems of India award
    for Social activist and Influencer.
  17. Awarded the Business Excellence award by Lakki
    Business Club.
  18. Awarded the Dr. SAROJINI NAIDU National award 2020
    by Sai Jeeva Ohara Sewa Samiti.
  19. Awarded with the Chhatrapati Shivaji Gourav Samman
    by Dada Saheb Phalke Icon Awards films
  20. I have received an Exclusive Honour Certificate and My name has been recorded in Forever Star Books of records.

Anything you would like to say to our Readers:

I would like to say that it is absolutely true that Slow and Steady wins the Race. No matter how slowly you move forward but you should not stop and definitely continue the journey because there is always light at the
end of the tunnel. No matter the size of your business, good customer service is the most important factor if you wish to be successful in your business.

The most important piece of advice for new generation: The most important piece of advice I would give is that the level of Commitment that you display towards your business ultimately establishes the Impression that those around you have of you and your work ethics.

So Commitment, perseverance and dedication are really very important for any business to Succeed.

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