Vyapaar Jagat

Vyapaar Jagat

Ms. Ginee’s Daughters Are Blessings Foundation helping less fortunate girls to achieve their dreams.

During my experience and travel of my last job I came across a lot gender inequality be it my work place or the world outside this made me start my venture Daughters are Blessings Foundation.

The journey begins into creating a foundation for Angels who broke their wings. Together, let’s empower women and girls to move out of discrimination, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership.

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How does Daughters are Blessings Foundation work?

Being a motivational speaker also I visit rural n urban areas and speak to them try giving them work as if there handicrafts or some item are approved then I link them to corporate houses for gifting. Also I do arrange exhibition in corporates and colleges for them.

  • Blessed to be associated with NGO’s and have visited nearby villagers and motivated women of all age.
  • Tie up with companies who have given work to women from home and there work has been showcased in various colleges, exhibitions and also given as corporate gifts.
  • Have been a panelist to various women empowerment programmes.

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